Semi-retired engineering physicist reverting back to “the old days” when I built model railroads. Dad got me into this when he bought “me” a Lionel set when I was 5. I still recall some of the 5yo quality of that layout …

I’ve been interested in trains since I was a little kid. I’ve attempted a few layouts but my career moved me around some … but various kits collected dust over the years. I’m now in a position to blow the dust off, put them together, and let them collect dust as a diorama instead of a box.

And now have the ability to scratch-build scenes not available in kits.

I usually model the period between say 1880 and 1905 without following any specific prototype. An alternate universe: the mines are still producing, the silver panic of 1893 didn’t happen. Electricity might exist, automobiles less likely so … but I never know what the muse has in mind.

The world of my dioramas doesn’t exist and didn’t exist. Maybe … How many dimensions does the universe hold?

I tend to build “layout” quality rather than “contest” quality. Something proud to have on a layout – but “contest quality” is a different world … and generally requires O scale.

Did you get the proper number of nails in the correct positions?” is not an out-of-line question in a contest. I build for fun, not a competition … and am interested in providing these dioramas to those that may be interested

Many of these dioramas are available for sale but due to fragility, delivery is usually restricted to personal handling in the Boise Idaho metro area. Unless y’all want to come by and pick it up or make other arrangements.

Most of these dioramas are smaller than 2′ x 2′ x 2′.

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