Toadsuck Canning Company

At least, that’s what it was sold as.

I tweaked this moderately hard. It was an early resin kit that seems to have bounced around different manufacturers – it appears to still be available. (listed in catalogs at $375 but Out of Stock so maybe not as “new stock”. But not cheap either. I paid $60.)

I have an early Jaks Industries (SS Ltd) version made of resin. When I opened the kit, most of the resin was workably misshapen except for one or two roof pieces.

Now I’m not blaming the manufacturer – this kit spent 5 or 6 years in an unheated, uncooled aluminum frame shelter on the Colorado Front Range. From well below zero to well above 100? Repeat 5 or 6 times?

Anyway, I worked with what I had.

I don’t know what this company does – certainly not a canning company. I call it Toadsuck Distribution Co. because as far as I can tell, it distributes stuff between a narrow gauge track and standard gauge.

On the the Project page:

Toadsuck Distribution


Toadsuck Canning Co

As the box shows, I bought this at Caboose Hobbies. Jaks Industries was in one of the oldest buildings still standing in Golden – and I lived within walking distance … passed near if I walked into town.

and maybe a bit the name.

I thought the building was interesting but I didn’t care for the waterfront aspect.

That and circumstances put this on a shelf.


Until I pulled it down and dusted it off.


This kit was in bad shape when I got back to it. I don’t recall how long I’ve held the kit but it spent 5 or so years in unheated  – and uncooled – storage outside Golden. The kit had problems when new but summer heat on the front west of Denver had some interesting effects on the resin pieces … a resin of an age which I understand was not very good to begin with.

Work with what ya got … 


Let the date be 1905. The original facility was built in the late 1870s.

I didn’t change too much trackside – tweaked the loading dock, added a second floor deck.

The pond is gone; this facility is a light manufacturing/rail transfer between the upper standard gauge and the the lower narrow gauge. The facility makes any modifications necessary for the next stage of the material’s journey.

Changes came when ore was discovered and the narrow gauge came in; the lower structure was added and one side of the original building was remodeled for the business staff.

The main level has parking and ground transport facilities sharing a common dock with direct narrow-gauge rail access.

 Things get quiet in the evening

 In-house supplies are usually delivered “out back” in the yard.The automobile hasn’t shown up yet. Soon though.

From up higher on the invisible hill looking down at the facility. Not much going on today …

 The lower building in late afternoon

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