HOn3 Mogul

When building dioramas, I sometimes want locomotives in the scene – an example being my roundhouse diorama.

These days, I can obtain some very fine loco models … “cheap” being in the hundred or two dollar range; better quality in the $300 and up range.

Can’t see spending the type of money necessary to have 5 engines on a static display. Nor being able to sell same even at cost.

I would love to see “cheaper” static models such as the apparently now-defunct “Derelict Shay” or “Derelict C-16” (although I see that model offered by Wiseman in On3).

I have a 3D resin printer … use it!

So I did.

Knowing it best to not show how the sausage is made, I continue on my merry way on not only the path less travelled, but occasionally proceeding where there is no path through thickets and hedgerows …

Here’s how I made the sausage:

The laser printer is relatively new; it had been well tuned in for one type of resin but that resin proved unsuitable. Working on this project is the first real pass with a new resin recipe. The end result of this recipe is a structure which may be drilled and sanded. However, the printer is capable of features small enough to be very fragile when separating the model from the process support structures.

For no particular reason, I selected a narrow gauge 2-6-0 Mogul type engine loosely based on the “Glenbrook”. The actual engine has been restored and is operational; I recall first seeing it stuffed and mounted outside the Carson City Mint many, many moons ago.



“Loosely based” … and intended as a background model as well. Many finer details are omitted.

So let’s see what I ended up with.

So … in tuning in the recipe at the same time as refining the CAD model results in several “missed-it-by-that-much” results.

Eventually, I got all the pieces to fit together well-enough to produce a “1st Draft”.

Paint was slapped on just to get a “flavor” of the end product. The boiler spent some time under a saw exhaust.

A model suitable for wa-a-ay in the background … behind the closed doors of a storage shed perhaps.

But it served its purpose from an engineering point of view

A few iterations later … and a marginally better paint job

I’m thinking of offering this as a kit. These are the parts as currently defined. One might call this a final draft; ready for beta testing. I need to find a moderately skilled railroad modeller that can attempt to put this engine together as a kit so that I can work the “user-end” bugs out.

Perhaps in the $60-$75 range … Unpainted.


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