I’ve had some weird fascination with the mining era of the late 1800s for so long I don’t recall when such an obsession started. I know I spent many years tracking down old mining sites and towns in Nevada, Utah, and Colorado long ago – I was lucky enough to have a close friend from Ouray that was happy to show me around the southwest Colorado mining remnants – he was a miner himself before I met him in Nevada.

Spent much time, gas, and money wandering around the back country, I still do but even less remains today than when I first started doing such crazy things way back when.

So when the opportunity to pick up this kit of a stamp mill came along, I grabbed it.

And didn’t do anything with it for the longest time – “I’ll get to it some day”

That day finally came.

I sort of documented the build process (see here) but here are photos of the final result.

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