I decided to take on a Masterpiece Models kit I’ve been carrying around since 1984. I forget how much I paid for it and the price tag is gone. Doesn’t matter anyway; in today’s terms, it was a freebie.

Here’s the kit I wish to construct:
Masterpiece Models #123 HO Scale 40-Stamp Colorado Mill:

This cover photo is the only picture of the completed model included with the kit.

I’ll build this for HOn3 – more typical of the locations where such mills were located.

I wanted to document one of my builds as a journal rather than a tutorial. It was suggested I do it as a web page. Hm-m-m…

This old stamp mill kit is one I’ve wanted to build for some time now (30 years?) and now I’m getting to it. Doesn’t matter how many of these I build, I always find new ways – in hindsight – to do things. The next one should be great!

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