Contents of the primary bag of parts

Drill holes, file down flash

The first steps are to clean out the semi-pre-drilled holes. #72 & #78 are recommended; I use one size larger: #71 and #77.

The two frames halves are glued together.

The bolsters are notched; this makes it easier to make sure everything lines up. once laid out, weights are used to hold everything in place and straight MEK is used to weld the styrene pieces

Notice the bolsters weren’t glued onto the frame just yet. The (presumed)wooden frame is painted “Mahogany Brown”; the deck – top and bottom – is painted “Fawn”. The bolsters – cast iron? – are black.

Once the paint dries, the bolsters are glued in place. The “trainline” is bent into shape – a bit of length needs to be cut off – and will be placed as directed after being painted “Dark Rust”

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