Hi! I’m Dave. I build train-focused dioramas.

These are some examples of my work.

I’ve been interested in trains since I was a little kid. I’ve attempted a few layouts but my career moved me around some … and various kits collected dust over the years. I’m now in a position to blow the dust off, put them together, and let them collect dust as a diorama instead of a box.

I tend to build “layout” quality rather than “contest” quality. Proud to have on a layout but “contest quality” is a different world … “Did you get the proper number of nails in the correct positions?” is not an out-of-line question in a contest. That and these days, most contest winners appear to be in O gauge. Such beautiful models they are at that. But I may not model that which does not show.

I do this for fun – sometimes for pay – but certainly not a competition …

Best advice? Don’t look behind the curtain.

I tend to model the period between say 1880 and 1905 without following any specific prototype – although anything between the 1860s and WWI may show up at some time or another.

I change a bit of history to suit the story – the Silver Act didn’t happen and the mines were active well into the 1890s. For the most part, automobiles probably don’t exist. Electricity does but mostly for lighting – steam still runs the machinery.

The worlds of my dioramas don’t exist and didn’t exist. Maybe …

This is not a “regular” column. Like my work, it goes in spurts.

And so I ramble on occasionally about projects I’m working on …


Or – skip the rambling and go directly to the projects ….

Dioramas or Rolling Stock

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