This one was a misjudged proposal if I’ve ever seen one.

I had two so-so large dioramas going at once and there were times when both were waiting … for something – glue to dry, parts to arrive.

So I decided to organize things around the workshop and make more room.

You’d think I’d have learned by now not to “organize” …

There were pieces of plastic parts on sprues in a plastic bag coming from a garage sale grab bag. Turned out to be an old AHM Roundhouse kit from … 1960s? … way back when. These were one or two evening projects as I recall.

I can’t just put a plastic building together – even a cheap one – and let it sit – it need “ambience”!

No, I can’t do this – I don’t have room to swing a cat and already have two large projects waiting for parts.

I didn’t have enough room to even switch one for another – need one empty space to shift things around.

So … unplanned:

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